Q: could it be fine to own all my documents published into the exact same log?

Q: could it be fine to own all my documents published into the exact same log?

I will be a associate professor in Neurology at Zhejiang University.

To date, We have posted 90% of my documents into the high-impact-factor journal Stroke. But my Department seat has required me to begin considering other journals. I’d like your viewpoint on whether it’s more straightforward to submit articles to simply one log or if perhaps i will start thinking about numerous journals.

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to publishing many documents up to a journal that is single. The most crucial benefit is the fact that you become really acquainted with that journal’s range, distribution needs, and composing design. Which means you don’t need to invest a lot of time in attempting to comprehend these fundamental aspects; you may be fairly certain that work appropriately fits the range associated with log and certainly will therefore make use of your time better, when you look at the real distribution procedure as well as in giving an answer to peer reviewer feedback. Another advantage is the fact that publishing all your valuable operate in one log, especially a very journal that is specialized will allow you to quickly gain recognition in your industry of research, since most scientists on the go are going to read your whole human body of work with that log. In reality, journals usually eventually ask their regular contributors to engage in their editorial panels.

One disadvantage to publishing in only one journal is the fact that tenure and grant committees may concern your cause of doing this. It would likely result in doubts about whether you have got some kind of affiliation towards the journal’s editorial board or understanding of the journal’s peer reviewers, which plays a part in your consistent effective book for the reason that log. More to the point, in the event that journal’s effect factor falls abruptly in a year that is particular the grade of your complete human anatomy of work might be unduly questioned.

Probably the most apparent great things about diversifying your target journals is the fact that it generates work available to a wider number of readers. It is possible to differ between (a) journals posted by scholastic communities, that are mostly look over by society people; (b) subscription-based journals, that are usually held by institutional libraries and read by researchers in those institutions; and (c) available access journals, whose content is easily available to perhaps the public that is general. Publishing to various journals provides you with the rich and challenging connection with matching with different editorial boards and peer reviewers. Further, showing one or more journal that is high-ranking your application could suggest a diverse applicability of one’s research and therefore enhance your standing.

I realize that right now, you really must have create a paper choice particular amount of convenience publishing in Stroke.

Further, since Stroke is a top-notch worldwide log it is likely that your particular documents therein are very well cited, for you to question the need to explore other journals so it’s natural. Ideally, with every brand new manuscript, you really need to target the absolute most relevant log with an increased effect element than compared to the log that posted your last paper. As an example, for you to try and have your next manuscript published in a considerably lesser known journal with lower impact factor just for the purpose of diversifying your target journals since you are well-published in Stroke, it would not make sense. If your manuscript fits the range of the higher-ranking log in the industry, you would definitely reap the benefits of publishing your manuscript here.

For young scientists wanting to establish by themselves, it could be useful to publish regularly in one single specific journal, so they gain recognition for the reason that industry. Senior scientists might want to diversify and publish in 3 to 4 of the very most relevant journals. However for scientists in a very niche industry, how many appropriate SCI-indexed worldwide journals will be tiny, plus it may possibly be fine to help keep publishing within the journal that is same. As an example, scientists devoted to feline surgery would think it is appropriate to frequently publish within the Journal of Feline Medicine & operation.

So think about your log selection requirements one manuscript at the same time. Choose the log whose visitors will see your manuscript most fascinating. Publishing in prestigious access that is open could make your projects more available to visitors. Diversify your target journals you reach a wider audience if you feel this will increase the impact of your work and help.

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