Homework Market – A wise party does not deal with each other, it takes the electorate.

Looks at the maneuvers of the opposition Law and Justice. – we analyze the study, but no euphoric states do not fall into if they give us the victory. Elections will fall and anything can happen. We remember the political parties and presidential candidate, who until the very end enjoyed the polls – says Joachim Brudzinski DGP, chief of staff of the PiS election. Syrians were smuggled from a mountain area in the district of Soran Mergasor to Szamzinan village in south-eastern Turkey. Szmuglujący their police exploited while their business documents. The release of these officers decided Kurdish Interior Ministry. A police spokesman in the district of Soran, Saadun Hawdijani told Kurdish television Ore Mountains, that exempted the police will be further punished for “activities contrary to the public interest.” One of the fired police, quoted by the Ore Mountains, said, however, that he did not know that this practice is illegal because “he was not warned.” Aid organizations are reporting that the use of smugglers is very risky and illegal routes, which migrants are carried out, dangerous. the aim of the trip trafficked people in this usually Europe. In connection with the growing natural Islamic State (iS ), among migrants and refugees are increasingly hide iS terrorists, thus saving his life and fleeing responsibility for the crimes. From Baghdad Witold Repetowicz (PAP) We demanded the appointment of a parliamentary committee on compensation for victims of the Catholic Church. Commission, which is to investigate all cases of violations of the law in relation to children and young people, with particular emphasis on pedophilia. Commission, which will serve ago, to prepare a detailed report on the subject. At the head of the committee chairman should be elected by the Sejm, with the consent of the Senate, which will be composed of representatives of all parties sitting in the parliament and in the role of observers, the Ombudsman and the Ombudsman for Children. In the proposed budget for 2020 to ensure its work 5 million – said Biedroń on Sunday a press conference in Opole. “We saw something that for many years has been swept under the carpet. We saw something of what for many years looked the politicians. Politicians, with whom we agreed that they stood guard our safety, the safety of our children, the safety of our youth. Politicians, with whom we agreed that they stood guard Constitution, which speaks of the separation of church and state, which speaks about the autonomy of these institutions, which says that Poland is a country of law. However, the third Republic did not pass the exam. it turns out that over the years was one group that enjoyed extraordinary privileges, which was by politicians consistently protected. And no matter whether they are politicians left-wing, centrist, liberal, conservative people. All politicians for 30 years of our democracy hid this appalling tragedy “- said the politician . Spring party leader criticized politicians from the ruling political party so far, who in his opinion did not comply with the obligation to comply with the constitution. “I am ashamed as a politician for the entire political class, that my colleagues and friends who have so far ruled, did nothing to this matter sweep under the carpets to reveal the scale of the practice, and yet know exactly, that such situations occur. They feared priest feared pastor, afraid bishop. What’s more, all too often knelt in front of them. the political responsibility for this situation shall be borne by the entire political class. All the hitherto ruling parties did not have the courage to solve this problem. Today the time has come the final judgment. If the political class will rise to the task and will do everything in our power to clarify this matter, guilty judge, and victims to give satisfaction, we lose all credibility in society. we as + Spring + we have the courage to call a spade a spade. do not give up, We not kneel homeworkmarket me before no bishop, not a wystraszymy “- assured Biedroń. Policies announced the elimination of religious instruction in public schools. “Withdrawal of religious instruction from schools – to protect children from the horror that we have seen in this film, and that all for many years turned a blind eye. It can not be that in a democratic country we pay two billion zlotys each year on teaching religion in public schools in secular schools, at the same time exposing our children that could fall victim to a pedophile priest. (…) the Catholic church can maintain the teaching of religion classes at salkach catechetical, but not for public money and not exposing children to similar cases “- explained . Biedroń said he did not believe in self-purification of the church, which he described as “an institution too detached from the state,” and appealed to the state now began to enforce the law and did not allow a situation where a child is hurt – no matter who it is unjust. “I expect the government of Law and Justice decisive action from the prosecutor’s office to initiate investigations and expect from all opposition a clear statement – which side do you stand? For too long, the traditional governing parties so far have become the side of the bishop, a priest, too long knelt and swept the matter under the carpet . (…) It’s time to confess sinful church “- believes Biedroń. Referring to the words of Jaroslaw Kaczynski about people attacking the Catholic Church in Poland Biedroń assured that it does not attack the church, but the rights described in the Constitution. “If Jaroslaw Kaczynski said today these words, it will bear the political responsibility for each new victim. Hiding your head in the sand, standing on the side of those who they were shown in the film, Jaroslaw Kaczynski will be applied a hand to such a situation. I hope that is responsible politician, and I hope that it will use today its power to encourage the National Prosecution Office, Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, to take decisive action. you can not today stand passively. this is probably the last environment in which occurred to such situations, but this is the environment which for too long been protected by politicians “- believes Biedroń. (PAP) by Marek Szczepanik Czarzasty supported in Poznan leftist candidate for president of Poznan, the current deputy mayor Tomasz Lewandowski. Vice President Lewandowski for years was head of the Democratic Left Alliance councilors club in Poznan city council and head of the urban structures of the party. Initiative currently represents Poland. The party leader also endorsed candidates for the city council taking off from KPI Left. “Vladimir Czarzasty very much involved in the building of our committee. His presence at our conference (…) cuts off any speculation that the left is on several lists – no, the left is a list of the Electoral Committee of Voters Left. The only presidential candidate who has ambitions implement the program people more socially sensitive Tomasz Lewandowski “- said Lewandowski at a press conference. Czarzasty complimented in Poznan left-wing list to the city council, which is a joint SLD Party Together, the Greens, with the support of local structures Initiative Poland, urban movements, including more than a dozen community organizations . “the Left in Poznan is an example for the Polish my dreams. I hope that Adrian Zandberg (Total Party), I hope that Gosia Tracz (Green Party), I hope that also the other leftist structures. Since now managed to do this in Poznan, you may be able to make it to the European elections, and when it comes to the Parliament, “- said Czarzasty. “I also hope in Poland were on the side of the democratic least two blocks – one centered around the Civic Platform. Who has a heart in the middle, the heart of Christian democratic – it is a good list for him. I dream also of creating a second list – a progressive, social democratic, in which, on the in partnership, would take part a lot of parties and structures. If we could get along with the party together, what we did here, with the Greens – the happiness that was, bells be tolled, and the sun to shine, God that it looked good, “- he added . Journalists asked Czarzastego whether leftist electorate in Poznań and the Poznań district not confusing the fact that the heads of municipal and district structures SLD Bartosz Kaczmarek and Mark Sloppy start with a competitive list of KPI Jaroslaw puck Good City. Jarosław Pucek also applies for president, is supported among others, by former Włodarz capital of Wielkopolska, Ryszard Grobelny. “Elekto SLD installments and is not left confused – will know for whom to vote. But if any of this would have confused the electorate (…) this is my presence when it comes to the SLD in Poznan, will end all the problems, “- said the leader of the party. When asked what awaits SLD members competing in Poznan with other lists he said that decisions will come after the elections. “October 21 elections are held, the election fight. In Poznan we fight, I’m talking about the SLD, on the list of KPI Left, we choose our councilors, our President Thomas Lewandowski. The day after the election we will do a summary and draw conclusions. A wise party does not deal with each other, it takes the electorate. When the party starts to take each other – forget about the electorate, “- he said. Bartosz Kaczmarek told PAP on Thursday that he is surprised the thesis that the candidates are left in Poznan on more than one list. “The views have not changed. And that prevented us start with the letter left in Poznan, it is not my fault, just a personal decision of Vladimir Czarzastego. Not after a man involved in politics, not to take part in the elections,” – told PAP Kaczmarek. “Sorry I hear that people are left with only compete KPI left. Especially, says that a person who has obtained a few years ago thanks to the possibility of the Democratic Left Alliance candidate for the office of president, vice-president and was abandoned us. Very’m surprised that someone Czarzasty support, but this is not his last wrong decision. Especially that Lewandowski is after all a member of the competitive to the Polish Democratic Left Alliance Initiative “- said Kaczmarek. (PAP), the authors Rafal Marcin Pogrzebny Pawlicki Referring to an interview with PAP to newly appointed Prime Minister, Head of Modern assessed that we have to deal with the “old-new government,” in which not been “no change”. “Mr. president (PiS), Jaroslaw Kaczynski, first a concealed Beata Awl, and now changed the curtain on Mateusz Morawiecki. The only change I noticed, is that the monthly report of Smolensk before appearing Law and Justice deputy, and now Mateusz Morawiecki” – she said. According Lubnauer no change in the composition of the government proves that “nothing can Morawiecki.” “I got rid of even (Anthony) Macierewicz, who quite seriously harms both the government and the whole Law and Justice; (Witold) Waszczykowski, which is an amazing pest when it comes to foreign affairs, and (John) Szyszko, when it comes for nature, also the other “- pointed head Nowoczesnej.Jak added, it means that it really” Morawiecki not getting anything, “and in fact, a reconstruction of the government,” Kaczynski controls. ” Leader of Modern stated at the same time, he expects that due to the conflicts in the back of the government, the introduction of the next – announced in January – changes in positions of ministers “will take them two months of the fair.” “This means that for the next month-half the government will not lation be doing, but they were all ministers discussed or are, or go; they will have fair and dysfunctional structure that instead of dealing with Polish, will deal with itself “- przekonywała.Lubnauer skeptical referred to the expectations of the president, expressed in speech accompanying the establishment of the Council of Ministers. “The cooperation with the government was overwhelmingly good situation, (…) but there were also shortcomings, for which I expect will disappear” – said Andrzej Duda. “How can there be better cooperation between the president and the government, if the government are Antoni Macierewicz and Zbigniew Ziobro, who offend the president, with whom the president can not in any way get along? ” – he asked the Chair of Modern. Chief Negotiator with the European Commission, Mr Barnier gave the ambassadors of the EU “27” general information on the matter przedpołudniowym after meeting with British Secretary of State for. Brexitu Steve Barclay. “(The proposals) are the elements that will allow the negotiating teams to work aimed at a positive conclusion. The situation allows to intensify discussions in the coming days” – told reporters in Brussels high-ranking diplomatic source. After a weekend review of the findings are again hare EU ambassadors. On Tuesday in Luxembourg is scheduled meeting of EU ministers. European format in the 27 Member States, who will deal with brexitem. This will be the last meeting at this level before czwartkowo-Friday’s EU summit, which also will address the issue with the UK exit the EU. According to the current findings Britain should leave the European Union on October 31. To this took place in an orderly way, the agreement between London and Brussels should be reached at the latest during the EU summit on 17-18 października.zobacz also Brexit, namely to fight against the tyranny of the continent [OPINION] »The main obstacle is the issue of the border between the remaining part of the United kingdom of Northern Ireland and Ireland. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented Oct. 2 proposals to replace the so-called. Irish backstopu, which does not agree with his government. According to these proposals after the completion in 2020 of the transitional period would leave Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom customs union with the EU, but remain in the EU single market for trade in goods. This would mean creation of the customs border between Northern Ireland and Ireland and the border adjustment between Northern Ireland and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). The EU rejected these ideas. On Friday – according to sources – Barclay had to admit that the solution concerning the duties can not be limit on the island also irlandzkiej.zobacz Johnson in the House of Commons: Either brexit or censure »Home EU has consistently held that new solutions must avoid a hard limit between Ireland and northern Ireland, maintain cooperation between the northern and southern part of the island, and ensure the functioning of the entire Irish economy and to protect the EU’s single market. During a meeting with Polish journalists Iranian diplomat stressed Tehran’s commitment for world peace and security, including by combating the so-called. Islamic State (Daesz) and other Islamic extremist and terrorist organizations operating in the Middle East. “Iran was and is a supporter of peace and security for the entire globe and it is our assertion may be certified by the specifics (…) contrary to the actions of other countries.

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