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Policy Papers : University costs in historical viewpoint

Policy Papers : University costs in historical viewpoint

Executive Summary

  • Since 2010 the state’s teaching grant to universities is changed into income-contingent loans designed to drive the college system through choice and competition. This paper shows exactly just exactly how it has happen, and places it in a perspective that is longer-term.
  • State support for universities has an extended history than is normally expected, and permitted pupil fees to be held low. Also before 1914, outside Oxford and Cambridge, costs frequently just comprised well below 50 % of university earnings. Making pupils spend the full price of their training is a radical innovation.
  • totally Free greater training times from 1962, and was an element of the expansion from the Robbins report. Through the 1960s towards the 1980s it coexisted using the funding regime for the University Grants Committee, which supported college autonomy and conventional scholastic values. The context that is historical why this balance became unsustainable, and underlines the contrast with current policies.
  • Policies predicated on marketisation turn to United states models, but Uk universities developed on more European lines as an integral nationwide system in relationship using the state. Its history has managed to get hierarchical, with significant distinctions of social and prestige that is intellectual. While free degree mitigated these divisions, a fee-driven system probably will exacerbate them.
  • The use of the regime that is full-fee the best way to personal providers of advanced schooling, and also this too is really a radical break with previous training.
  • The renovation of free advanced schooling in England could be politically impracticable, but a variety of reduced charges along with additional core state capital would offer an improved stability of interests compared to the current ideologically-driven policy, and something having its origins in historic precedent.

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