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Homework Market – A wise party does not deal with each other, it takes the electorate.

Looks at the maneuvers of the opposition Law and Justice. – we analyze the study, but no euphoric states do not fall into if they give us the victory. Elections will fall and anything can happen. We remember the political parties and presidential candidate, who until the very end enjoyed the polls – says Joachim Brudzinski DGP, chief of staff of the PiS election. Syrians were smuggled from a mountain area in the district of Soran Mergasor to Szamzinan village in south-eastern Turkey. Szmuglujący their police exploited while their business documents. The release of these officers decided Kurdish Interior Ministry. A police spokesman in the district of Soran, Saadun Hawdijani told Kurdish television Ore Mountains, that exempted the police will be further punished for “activities contrary to the public interest.” One of the fired police, quoted by the Ore Mountains, said, however, that he did not know that this practice is illegal because “he was not warned.” Aid organizations are reporting that the use of smugglers is very risky and illegal routes, which migrants are carried out, dangerous. the aim of the trip trafficked people in this usually Europe. In connection with the growing natural Islamic State (iS ), among migrants and refugees are increasingly hide iS terrorists, thus saving his life and fleeing responsibility for the crimes. From Baghdad Witold Repetowicz (PAP) We demanded the appointment of a parliamentary committee on compensation for victims of the Catholic Churc

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