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Malala’s dad is at the Press Club whenever a telephone call arrived to share with him one of his true college buses have been attacked

Malala’s dad is at the Press Club whenever a telephone call arrived to share with him one of his true college buses have been attacked

Information regarding the shooting distribute quickly. He feared at a time it was Malala who had previously been targeted. He discovered her for a stretcher when you look at the medical center.

“When we looked towards her face i simply bowed down, we kissed her regarding the forehead, her nose, and cheeks,” he claims. “after which I stated, ‘You’re my proud child. I will be happy with you.'”

Malala was in fact shot within the mind and it also had been clear to any or all, like the Pakistan army, that her life was at danger. A helicopter had been scrambled to airlift her into the armed forces medical center in Peshawar – a journey that could ultimately simply take her not merely far from Swat but far from Pakistan.

The Combined Military Hospital in Peshawar is the better facility that is medical the spot, dealing with not merely army workers however their families too. While he travelled in with Malala, Ziauddin Yousafzai ended up being braced for the worst, telling family relations at their home in rural Swat which will make preparations for a funeral. “It actually was probably the most time that is difficult my entire life,” he states.

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