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4 Girls Charged In Beating Of Special Needs Woman Caught On Movie; Girl’s Father Speaks Out

4 Girls Charged In Beating Of Special Needs Woman Caught On Movie; Girl’s Father Speaks Out

CHICAGO (CBS) — Four girls had been arrested Thursday in what police referred to as “sick and disgusting crimes,” after a small grouping of teenagers had been caught on video clip beating a girl that is 15-year-old unique requirements.

Police Lt. Ozzie Valdez, the acting commander of region Central, stated earlier in the day Thursday that three girls – many years 13, 14, and 15 – were charged into the attack. Two associated with girls had been charged with aggravated battery pack as well as the other ended up being faced with mob action.

A 4th woman, age 15, has also been arrested Thursday afternoon and charged in connection utilizing the assault, authorities stated. Police failed to launch the particular fees up against the girl that is fourth.

The fees come as CBS 2 has discovered the Illinois Department of kids and Family Services can also be involved.

Police said the teenagers whom attacked the woman knew the target ahead of the assault, and she thought they certainly were her buddies.

“It broke my heart to see this number of young people turn into what we saw, a physical assault,” Police Supt on her and escalate it. Eddie Johnson stated. “There just cannot be space because of this sort of divisive and hateful behavior.”

Movie associated with beating ended up being published on social networking, and Chicago authorities started investigating after CBS 2 delivered them a hyperlink towards the video clip.

Valdez has stated the lady came across with several teenagers whom “she thought were her friends” on the time associated with the assault. Those friends taught her how to flash gang signs ahead of the beating.

A household friend has stated the girls whom attacked the victim had been upset they were planning and that was going to report it to police that she did not want to participate in a sex act.

Johnson would not specifically concur that claim.

“There had been several things taking place why these young women desired her doing at that for now,” Johnson said Thursday afternoon at police headquarters that she didn’t do, but we’ll leave it.

Police have stated in addition they are investigating whether or not the girl malaysiancupid coupon ended up being intimately assaulted, predicated on her statements to detectives, but Johnson would not discuss that research.

“We’re perhaps maybe maybe not ready to talk about this at the moment,” he said.

Meanwhile, the girl’s daddy talked away on as CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reported thursday.

“I’m hopeful, appropriate, thankful, right, that my child happens to be discovered,” he stated. “And her condition, appropriate, i am hoping so it improves.”

CBS 2 just isn’t pinpointing the girl’s dad or any other loved ones, to shield her identity because she is a target, perhaps of the intimate assault.

The girl’s dad wished to thank people who assisted their child. He’s got additionally acknowledged there is now a DCFS investigation into their family members.

“At the moment, she’s in protective custody, and whatnot, on her safety that is own and,” he said, “and that’s it.”

In a declaration, DCFS officials also revealed that the division has received previous contact with your family. This is because something no body desired to respond to.

“Because there is certainly a study still that’s going,” said a person with all the girl’s daddy.

The girl’s daddy reported her lacking the time following the assault. Hours later on authorities learned all about the video clip and established an investigation that is criminal.

“If you’re foolish enough to publish a criminal activity on social networking, that simply teaches you where the head is,” Johnson said.

The victim is seen trying to defend herself as another girl continues to corner her and hit her – with the help of others in the video.

“One of her buddies hit her into the face, striking her within the mind, that left lacerations on her behalf forehead,” community activist and family members friend Stringer Harris stated on Wednesday. “Another buddy attacked her savagely and beat her and another gentleman had been here aswell.”

The girl’s was said by the victim’s grandmother attackers must face effects.

“I’m mad that they took benefit of my infant like that,” she said. “They want to get the street off. It to her, they’ll do so to another person. when they did”

Three associated with girls who have been charged in case switched on their own in to police along with their moms and dads night wednesday. Johnson proposed in addition they offered authorities with details about other people present in the movie.

“Some of this moms and dads associated with offenders as well as the offenders by themselves additionally did the right thing and brought information and people forward to police,” Johnson stated.

Valdez confirmed detectives are investigating other individuals mixed up in assault but wouldn’t normally state what amount of.

On police said the girl had been missing for five days before her family filed a report, but police have not explained why the girl’s family waited so long to file a report wednesday.

Your ex ended up being positioned Tuesday night, whenever a pal discovered her in the in the CTA Blue Line at Kedzie Avenue additionally the Eisenhower Expressway. The friend contacted the teen’s household, whom took the 15-year-old towards the authorities place. She later on ended up being released and treated at University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital.

The Department of kids and Family Services issued the statement that is following the lady:

“DCFS is investigating allegations of neglect relating to the 15-year-old with unique requirements that has been savagely assaulted this week. The incident that is tragic heartbreaking. The division is devoted to protecting the state’s many children that are vulnerable. We have been working closely with police force to investigate what happened fully in this instance. DCFS started the research adhering to a hotline turn to July 23 and took custody that is protective of 15-year-old on July 24. The division has received contact that is prior the household.”

The girl’s daddy says there was a court date pertaining to certainly one of her instances on Friday.

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